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25th November
written by scott

Paris 364

If you’ve been paying close attention to my timestamps, you’ll notice a gap in recent posts.  You’ll have to forgive me, I was on a “business trip”.  Since I don’t make my living as a food blogger, occasionally I have to spend time doing actual “work”.  In this case, that work involved spending a week in Barcelona, then, due to an AirFrane pilot strike, spending 4 days unexpectedly in Paris.  Oh, and I got to bring my girlfriend, Rachel.  Oh, and due to the overwhelming romance of Paris, we’re engaged now!  Isn’t work just the worst?!

Here are some food shots from the trip.  I’m pretty convinced there are no bad meals in Europe (♫ and the streets are filled with chee-eze ♫).

12th November
written by scott

 Barcelona 292
I am currently out of the office.  For urgent issues, please contact my manager directly.  If you are interested in ordering  paellla, prosciutto, or very small bottles of Coke Lite, please send a stamped, self-addressed freezer pouch to Barcelona.  Please note that your food may be half-eaten on arrival.


03rd November
written by scott

Candy Spread
Fran’s, the beloved, family-owned chocolate shop has opened their third location just below the Four Season’s hotel in downtown Seattle.  The new store, situated directly across the street from the Seattle Art Museum, hopes to attract some of the area’s foot traffic.  Chocolate, after all, is not always a premeditated purchase. 


I had a chance to chat with Fran about the store and the Seattle chocolate business in general.  It’s easy to tell why Fran’s customers adore her – now a grandmother, Fran exudes such warmth that, just for a minute, I forgot she wasn’t my grandmother!  For the past 26 years, she has been pursuing her passion for perfection, a theme that is especially prevalent in Seattle artisans.  The business is run by her daughter (CEO) and her son (Chocolatier), who was recently invited by the Valrhona company to make his own blend of chocolate for the store. 

Fran's Mosaic PortraitThe first thing you’ll notice when you enter the new Seattle location is an absolutely giant pointillist portrait hanging on the wall. The subject is Fran’s granddaughter, but it is the medium of this image that is fascinating.  The picture is actually a life-size photograph of a collection of chocolate truffles, ranging from dark to white.  Mmmm, chocolate pixels… That’s good geek food!

Fran’s Chocolates
1325 1st Avenue at Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101