potato salad

My friend and soon-to-be culinary school grad, Eric Rivera, invited me over last weekend to check out a few dishes he was working on.  I decided to bring my camera gear to try to capture a few shots that he can use for his portfolio in the future.  What emerged were some exquisitely beautiful platings and, if I may say so, the best food photos I’ve taken to date.  The shot above is Eric’s version of a potato salad.  The flowers and greens came from his garden and his local foraging journeys.  Click through for some pretty stunning dishes from this rock star chef.

halibut cheeks

Halibut cheeks with cauliflower puree, capers and sorrel.ling cod from above

Ling cod with cauliflower puree, English peas, leeks and purple pickled asparagus.


Same dish, different shot.

tomato on fire

(Above and below) A grape tomato concasse.

 tomato with falling flowers

And just for the hell of it, a pickled shallot.


A huge thanks to Eric for feeding me, and another big thanks to Ryan Matthew Smith for teaching me many of the techniques I used for this shoot.

After seeing how well this shoot went, I’ve also decided to make myself available for hire.  Contact scott@seattlefoodgeek.com if you’re interested in having your food photographed.