Watch Monster Kitchen Online!

Last week, Monster Kitchen premiered on the Food Network, featuring yours truly!  In case you missed it, the show is now available to watch online! 

Do you know what it takes to make a 6-foot donut?  My friend (and rival food geek on the show) Jeff Potter explains some of the math and physics over on his blog

[Note: you’ll have to click play twice, and ignore the annoying popup – sorry, the video is hosted elsewhere]

Monster Kitchen Premiers on Food Network, Features Seattle Food Geek

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On Tuesday, July 19th, Food Network will air a new show titled Monster Kitchen, and I’m on it.  The show centers around a grudge match between two Los Angeles chefs: Eric Greenspan of The Foundry on Melrose and Michael Fiorelli of mar’sel.  They put their ego’s on the line in a battle for doughnut supremacy, and in this case, size does matter.  Both chefs call on a food geek (me and Jeff Potter, the author of the fabulous book Cooking for Geeks) and a pastry chef (Michelle Cozens and Amy Brown) to help them pull off the challenge.  I haven’t yet seen the show, but I can tell you that the competition is fierce.  Making a gigantic doughnut requires some clever engineering, a ton of work, and a whole lotta frosting. 

Tune in to Food Network Tuesday, July 19th at 9PM to see what happens!