Review: The Counter

burger  I was thrilled to hear that a new burger place was opening its doors (and my mouth) in Ballard.  As a foodie, one of my favorite friendly debates is “Who makes the best burger in Seattle?”  Everyone has their preferences, from a $1.40 Dick’s cheeseburger to Spring Hill’s $17 1/2 lb. masterpiece, and all the meat sandwiches that fall between.  And although we may never agree on who flips the best beef, I’d like to add one more name into the conversation: The Counter.

I won’t go so far as to proclaim that The Counter makes the best burger in Seattle, but damned if they shouldn’t be on the ballot. 

Although I was dismayed to discover that The Counter is a chain (from California, no less!), I was very impressed with the Seattleishness of their menu and concept.  First, they start with 100% natural, hormone and antibiotic-free beef from Meyer Company Ranch.  This is exactly the right foundation for a burger joint: great beef.  It let’s you ask questions like, “Would you like your burger pink with a warm center?” instead of “Do you mind that we’re going to incinerate your dinner meat because we’re too cheap and/or careless to buy beef that’s safely edible?”  And, although being choosy about your cattle farm may still be ahead of its time, anyone can appreciate that quality beef just tastes better.