Electrochef Compact Kitchen of the Future of the 1920’s

I just came across this Electrochef concept all-in-one kitchen design, and I think it’s a marvelous look into the future, from the past.  I’m not sure if the designer imagined us all living in Blade Runner / 5th Element-style high-rise cubby apartments, or if he just never imagined cooking paella (requires a big pan).  Either way, I’m pretty sure that oven, with it’s shiny white enamel and rounded corners, was the inspiration for the first-generation iPod. 

[Dornob via Gizmodo]

3 comments on “Electrochef Compact Kitchen of the Future of the 1920’s”

Well, now! I must say this is one of the most innovative things I have ever seen. And it’s old! There’s a poem that ends with about coming back to where we started and knowing this place for the first time, which is a concept that certainly applies here. Actually, if the oven were a refrigerator, I almost think we could get along just fine with it. I’m always saying that all we really need for some 50 weeks out of the year is a hot plate and a coffee pot. And a place to keep the cream cold for the coffee! Thanks for sharing.

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