Make Your Own (Compound) Butter
Make Your Own (Compound) Butter

Make Your Own (Compound) Butter

Making your own butter is simple and rewarding – nothing tastes quite as good as homemade.  Just put heavy cream in your blender or food processor for about 10 minutes, or until the butterfat separates from the buttermilk (mine took a little less than 10 minutes).  Once you’re there, you’ve got fresh unsalted butter.  But why on earth would you stop now?  Jazz it up with thyme, sage, honey, cayenne pepper, or, as the video shows, add some chopped porcini mushrooms and black truffle salt. 

Oh, and whenever you’re working with small appliances, be sure to wear your geek glasses for protection 🙂


  1. Hi This is Pierre from Paris in france !
    I love your blog <hich i find very funny and interesting ;and you look great on the video !bravoo!
    and if you like french creative food come and see my blog hope you like it you are very welcome and recipes are tranlated in english see you then !!
    cheers Pierre from beautiful Paris !!

  2. That was a great post on making tasty compound butter. I love the store-bought butter toss over the shoulder – nothin’ but sink! And that liner about having internet access and a butter-churn had me laughing. But what I liked best about this post is the motivation I now have to go out and make my own,high quality, garlic butter and stop waiting for the twice a year bake sale at the local community center hoping that the sweet old “garlic butter lady” is healthy enough to jar up enough spread to supply my family for the next 6 months.

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