A Little Food Photography At Canlis
A Little Food Photography At Canlis

A Little Food Photography At Canlis

canlis Carrots

Last night I had the pleasure of getting together with Brian Canlis (of Canlis Restaurant) to shoot some food.  Brian and I are both pretty enthusiastic about the subject, and the release of the Canlis Spring menu provided a great opportunity to photograph a handful of Chef Jason Franey’s stunning dishes.  The best part, though?  Not letting the “props” go to waste.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the artistry and complexity of each dish.  They look great in photos, but they’re even more impressive in person.  Canlis may be an old school establishment, but Jason Franey’s food is about as forward-thinking as it gets.

[I don’t have actual descriptions for each dish from the Chef, so I’m leaving the captions intentionally simplistic]

Above: Carrots
Below: Duck egg

canlis duck egg
Foie Gras, Rhubarb and Celery
canlis Foie
Halibut with Artichokecanlis halibut
Pork Chop
canlis pork

Tuna Crudo, Sashimi and Tartare canlis tuna


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