Nirvana in a Jar – Salmon Rillet

salmon rillet
No, this is not a picture of Kurt Cobain’s  remains.  Those tasted like crap.  I was referring to the spiritual kind of nirvana.  I first tasted this dish at Bouchon, Thomas Keller’s French bistro restaurant in New York.  I had never eaten anything like it and I came home raving about the experience.  Well, I finally decided to make this dish in my own kitchen and the results were phenomenal.  Unfortunately (for you) I can’t post this recipe because it came straight from Mr. Keller’s cookbook, and my code of bloggerly ethics prevents plagiarism.  However, I can tell you that combining smoked salmon, steamed salmon, clarified butter and whipped butter will get you pretty close.  For the rest, click the link, order the cookbook, and get to work on your own spirit quest.