Spicy Shrimp Salad with Guava-Tangerine Dressing

It has come to my attention that, since I started food blogging, I have gained ten pounds. Although I believe that gravity has only gotten stronger during that time, it still doesn’t hurt to avoid beurre blanc and deep fried cream cheese for at least one meal per week. This recipe is quick and light, but surprisingly filling – perfect for a warm spring evening.

Proscuitto-Wrapped Shrimp with Blackberry Mint Sauce

Shrimp just loves to take on other flavors, especially hot ones. My favorite spice for lighting up shrimp is mace, as you may have seen in a previous recipe. If you happen to be assaulted while enjoying this dish, just rub the shrimp in your assailant’s eyes. Plus, you can poke him with the pointy end of the skewer.

Shrimp Salad Niçoise

I love me some niçoise. Most people are a little shocked the first time they encounter this salad. In the traditional preparation, lightly seared tuna is served on a bed of butter lettuce with hard boiled eggs, steamed green beans and potatoes. To a newcomer, it might appear that the salad is actually three or four different dishes, haphazardly confined to a undersized plate. However, the niçoise is no consequence of inadequate dishware – to the contrary, it is a delicate balance of fat, acid, crunch and tenderness. My composition honor’s the spirit of it’s ancestor, it just costs less.