DIY Sous Vide Controller, version 1.5
DIY Sous Vide Controller, version 1.5

DIY Sous Vide Controller, version 1.5


It’s been a little while since I checked in, but I thought I’d give a quick update.  I’m hard at work getting production versions of my sous vide heating immersion circulators ready for sale.  The picture above is of my current prototype, based largely off of the DIY design I published a few months ago.  As you can see, I’ve got a custom-made heating coil and a slightly prettier enclosure.  The controller I’ve selected is also far more user-friendly, and I’ve upgraded other components after months of intense testing (and a handful of literal meltdowns). 

Anyhow, I’m still working as hard as I can to bring you all a sub-$200 sous vide heating immersion circulator accurate to .1C!  If you’d like to be on the email list when the first units are ready for sale, please leave a comment below.


  1. jimmy

    definitely interested, though I’m ashamed that i couldn’t get mine working based on your previous post.

    heck, I’d pay you $100 + shipping if I could send you mine to figure out what’s wrong with it.

  2. BobW

    Do you plan a kit?

    I expect it will not be UL listed (impractical for small numbers; it was a pain in the ’80s and expensive besides) so I personally would prefer a transparent case. I could *see* that nothing had melted. It would also make for a better conversation piece.

    I find cutting the holes in the case the most daunting. I would likely butcher it. Plastic shop in middle school was 34 years ago. Acrylic and I did *not* get along.

    Did you find a simple way to avoid burning out the heating coil if it’s turned on out of the water?

  3. Mark R

    I’d definitely buy one, also I like the idea of this better than the sur la table sous vide supreme. Do you have a potential time frame that you are looking at to get this out to the public.

  4. Please add me to the list, very interested.

    Have you thought of selling a “DIY Sous-Vide” kit? All you’d have to do is package all the parts and print up some instructions. You could market it to DIY sites, forums, etc.

  5. simulacrum

    What kind of container is that? is that a standard size bain marie pan? Is it similar in size to the plastic container you used in your first version? All the ones I found listed at hospitality wholesalers seemed to be too small.

  6. Scott L.

    As an engineering electronics person, I love were this is going. Thank you for putting forth the effort on our behalf. I was just going to try this project on my own, however I will leave it to the professional.

  7. ChrisB

    I am interested. What is the ETA on these things? And, like the previous diy IC, will you be posting instructions on how to make this one yourself, or will you just sell them already made?

  8. MikeJ

    I am interested as well as my friends somehow don’t trust my electrical wiring. I built one using your 1st ed plans and after many months of sub-80C cooking, the orig aquarium pump died. Any advice for water circulation options?

  9. Raphael

    Damn! I knew I should have kept up to date. After deciding I didn’t want to mess with rice cookers and PID controllers, I gave up, hoping to pick up a used sous-vide supreme someday. But you’ve made that dream a possibility now! You can definitely count me in. I’ll have giant beer coolers ready for a celebratory roast chicken party once I get my hands on one of these! I’ll be waiting with CC in hand.

  10. Brian

    Would love to hear an update, add my email to the list. I’m very interested in updated plans, kits, finished product – in that order. Would love the satisfaction of building one myself but I know some other people who would probably want to buy from you.

  11. Max

    Also, I know you were having problems with the coils burning out if the unit is turned on while not submerged. Have you considered using a water sensor switch to prevent the unit from turning on when it’s not submerged? They’re pretty cheap.

  12. Jim Griffin

    I just had a steak last night that I am sure was prepaid using sous vide cooking method and it was the best I have ever tasted. Been thinking about trying to build my own also. I am defineately interested in your model

    Jim Griffin

  13. Chris

    That looks awesome. You mentioned you were looking at making the thermometer and/or heating elements separate so that you could use it for regulating a smoker. What if you wired just a standard 110 volt outlet to the outside so you can plug the electric elements in and regulate with an extended probe?

  14. jgestner

    Hi Scott
    I found your site while trying to figure out what those wily Iron Chefs were doing with the vacuum sealed bags. I think your $75.00 version makes all kinds of sense over the $500.00 plus solutions out on the market at this time.
    Boiling, (or nearly boiling water) should not have to cost that much.
    I have two questions or comments though:
    1.) Have you considered a beefier connection or clamping system? I picture your bent plastic and eye bolt a likely failure point. In fact I just don’t like the idea of the electronics sitting out over that water at all.
    2.) Related to my previous point, I think I would prefer a unit that would sit next to the water container and had the outlets for powering heaters and plugging in a temperature sensor.
    Those items regardless, please keep me informed as to your progress as I may wish to purchase.


  15. Evan

    I hope that you have considered adding a float switch to the design for safety reasons, especially after having seen meltdowns occur. They are <$10 on ebay in small quantities, made of stainless steel.
    I was amazed at the rate of evaporation with the container uncovered, especially on a dry winter day.

  16. Trevor

    Prettier enclosure? One of the most appealing things about the old enclosure was the look of the thing. I’m sure others may disagree. I’m interested in one, but doubt I can wait for long before I start building the one from your blog.

  17. EastEndHomie

    Great Work!!
    Please keep me appraised and let me know when the unit is available. I’d be happy with purchasing just the key components from you and sourcing the rest locally. Sooner rather than later and please don’t wait for the perfect light bulb. We may stay in the dark forever if you do.

  18. Luis

    I’d be very interested if you could ship to europe.. I’m hoping you’re getting close to having it done! (found this looking for a way of building one, but will probably be unlikely really).

  19. CFMiles


    I am very interested in getting one of you sous vide setups. Have you been able to sell any? I may be in the market for 3 or 4 as I evangelize the benefit of this cooking style to colleagues.

  20. Matt

    Would it be possible to let me know which PID controller you are using now, as well as how you upgrade your other components? I am interested in trying to build my own, but I’d like to know what the most effective components are. Thanks!

  21. Jim.F

    Definitely interested and thank you for all the work you have done so far.
    At the under $200 price, think I’ll wait, let you make it, I don’t need to buy tools etc, I’m a cook, not a scientist…lol….

  22. Aaron P

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve ordered all the parts to begin building my own unit using your plans. Do you have any updated advice to avoid repeating your meltdown problem? I told the chef that I work for about my plan and he said his friend had one of your units and it blew up! I am undeterred, but would appreciate a warning if there are particular pitfalls to avoid. Thank!

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