So, you’re ready to make Organic Cheetos and Spherified DRY Lavender Soda Bellinis, but you can’t seem to find sodium alginate and calcium chloride at the neighborhood market.  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  Luckily, there are a number of online suppliers who can easily fill the “Modernist” shelf of your spice rack.  Here are a few of the better sites for finding tools and ingredients for your foray into future food.

  • http://www.lepicerie.com – a huge collection of spices, flavorings, additives and tools.  Sold in small and large quantities.
  • http://chefrubber.com/ – targeted at pastry chefs, they carry a wide variety of molds and confectionary tools, as well as serving pieces and and decorating supplies.
  • http://www.le-sanctuaire.com/ – a full line of molecular gastronomy chemicals, as well as a very impressive collection of tableware and specialty foods.
  • http://www.dcduby.com/ – For our Canadian friends, they carry a relatively complete selection of molecular gastronomy ingredients.
  • http://www.tienda.com/ – Carries the complete line of Texturas products. This is the brand created by Ferran Adriá, and offers accompanying recipes for use.  Although convenient, you pay a premium for the brand name.
  • WillPowder (via Amazon.com) – Great prices on large quantities (1 lb.) of common molecular gastronomy chemicals. Next-day delivery available through Amazon.

Additionally, the fantastic blog Alinea at Home has put together a spreadsheet of hydrocolloid sources

If you’ve found a great supplier for chemicals or tools, please leave a link in the comments!