Jul. 14th
written by scott

food network

On Tuesday, July 19th, Food Network will air a new show titled Monster Kitchen, and I’m on it.  The show centers around a grudge match between two Los Angeles chefs: Eric Greenspan of The Foundry on Melrose and Michael Fiorelli of mar’sel.  They put their ego’s on the line in a battle for doughnut supremacy, and in this case, size does matter.  Both chefs call on a food geek (me and Jeff Potter, the author of the fabulous book Cooking for Geeks) and a pastry chef (Michelle Cozens and Amy Brown) to help them pull off the challenge.  I haven’t yet seen the show, but I can tell you that the competition is fierce.  Making a gigantic doughnut requires some clever engineering, a ton of work, and a whole lotta frosting. 

Tune in to Food Network Tuesday, July 19th at 9PM to see what happens!

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  1. sean mcveigh

    Hi. Love the blog. Where do you get your images? Do you snap these yourself? I work in Bothell and have a number of restuaunt clients and wondered if you took these images.. looking for a good food image “taker”.

    Thanks for your time.


  2. sean mcveigh

    omg. I am clueless. There is a tab at the top of the site. Thanks.

  3. 14/07/2011

    Hi Sean,

    Yep, I do all of the photography for the site. If your restaurant clients are ever interested in hiring a food photographer to shoot their menus, I’m available.

  4. Sam

    I’ll be watching for that one to see what tech you came up with.

    This sounds like a place to post a giant food tech we did for a caveman party. A pterodactyl egg: Put about 12 egg yolks in a well oiled heat proof hemispherical bowl. Simmer in a water bath until set. Plastic wrap lining on the bowl is okay to help remove it.
    Cook the whites in a large pan with butter. Slide the ‘yoke’ out in the center just right before it sets. Broil if needed.
    Slide that out to plate and season with paprika, Za’atar, salt pepper. Serve with toast points and fiddle head ferns (in season).

  5. 16/07/2011

    Congrats for being on the show and I hope you have loads of fun :-)

  6. 18/07/2011

    Go scott go!!! Now can I see the outcome of this in a Pie Chart?

  7. Conrad

    I was able to see a rough cut of the show and it is awesome. Great job Scott.

  8. liz

    I TiVo’d the episode and watched it today! Great job, it was fun to watch. :o)

  9. Melissa

    AWESOME show! <3 I absolutely loved it but now I want to know WHEN the next one will be on and WHAT it will be about. Please please please tell me there will be more

  10. Dominic

    Is Monster Kitchen going to be a series? If so, when will it be on. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  11. Souls in the Waves

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