Rising Stars Chef Awards: We Must Do This More Often
Rising Stars Chef Awards: We Must Do This More Often

Rising Stars Chef Awards: We Must Do This More Often

Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending the Rising Stars Review, a gala event that honors Seattle’s top emerging talent.  First, I want to give a very sincere congratulations to all of the award winners.  Each chef on stage makes me proud to be a Seattleite and live in a city so dedicated to creative, responsible, progressive food.  The evening was a delightful way to experience a taste (literally) of what each of these chefs has to offer.  But it was more than just the impeccable dishes (and top-notch wine) that made this event so memorable – it was the coming together of chefs, journalists, foodies, aspiring foodies and aficionados, all united by a common admiration for the passion and integrity with which chefs pursue the advancement of cuisine in our humble little town. 

I hope to see this event grace Seattle again in the very near future.  Congratulations to all of the winning chefs.  Now, time to get out my calendar and start making reservations!


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