Video Unboxing of The Modernist Cuisine Books
Video Unboxing of The Modernist Cuisine Books

Video Unboxing of The Modernist Cuisine Books

It takes five minutes to unpack the Modernist Cuisine books.  Five.  I know… I counted.

Several weeks ago, when I brought home a review copy of Modernist Cuisine, I was too eager to bother documenting the unboxing process.  However, now that I’ve purchased my personal copy (for-keeps) I thought it would be worthwhile to share the experience of opening it up for the first time. 

The video above shows the process from start to finish.  First there’s the outer box (note the shipping weight on the label).  Then, you reveal the inner box, suspended in air by six rigid cardboard pyramids.  Inside the inner box, there are thick cardboard panels which completely surround a mysterious white package (hint: it’s the books!).  On the other end, the kitchen manual hides in a box of its own. 

Although it may seem like the Matryoshka-style packaging was added to create a tantric unboxing experience, it actually serves a purpose: protecting the acrylic book case from breaking during transit.  One of the reasons that the original shipping date was delayed, in fact, was that the previous version of the packaging had failed a “drop test”.  When you’ve got 50 lbs. of books sloshing around in a box, cushioning counts.

If you’re still waiting on your copy to arrive, I hope this video gives you a moment of vicarious pleasure.  And, in case you’re wondering, yes I saved the box. 


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