A Little More Food Photography at Canlis
A Little More Food Photography at Canlis

A Little More Food Photography at Canlis

salmon from front-Edit

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing (and eating!) the Winter Tasting Menu at Canlis with Brian Canlis.  Again, Chef Jason Franey the team at Canlis are absolutely killing it.   Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to, but the pictures don’t begin to do justice to the experience of dining at Canlis.  I can’t stress this enough: if you haven’t been, go.  If you haven’t been recently, you’re in for a whole new experience.  Big thanks to Brian and the entire Canlis crew.

Click through for photos of the whole menu…

Above & below: smoke cured salmon, maple syrup, steelhead roe, caraway seed.salmon top down

salmon macro

Below: diver scallops, cara cara orange, fennel, horseradish snow


Below: hamachi, granny smith apple, serano pepper, yuzu

hamachi platinghamachi from front

himachi macro

Below: guinea fowl, heirloom carrots, parsley, cumin

guinea foul from top

Below: the intensely delicious guinea foul skin, studded with salt

guinea foul macro

Below: guinea foul, after.


Below: dry-aged new york, cauliflower, black trumpet mushrooms

steak platingsteak from top

Below: pear, parsnip, pumpernickel



  1. If it was as tasty as great are this photos you really had a magnificent time. The chef really make a great decoration task and the way you use light on each photograph is pretty amazing. The smoked cured salmon with the reflection is especially a great composition, it makes me feel really hungry!

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