Crab Cakes Rockefeller

Why should oysters have all the fun? After all, crabs are bigger, meatier and more vicious (making our conquest over them all the more victorious!) And, I’ll unapologetically claim that this recipe is “healthy” since the crab cakes are baked, not fried, and spinach counts as a green vegetable.

Savage Crab Orzo ‘N Cheese

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? Ok, now what if you added lobster to the mac and cheese – oh that would be delicious. Wait, what if instead of Velveeta we used Mascarpone? So awesome. White mac and cheese with lobster. Sounds great, but let’s substitute fresh king crab for the lobster because it’s a little more hearty and a third the price. Cool, I’m with you. Oh, and let’s also use a tricolor orzo instead of macaroni. Wait, what? Yeah, orzo, you know the little pasta nibblets? But why? Stop asking questions and take a bite.

Oh, now I totally get it. Mmmmm…