Manly Men Aprons… really

You may have noticed the new “Products” section up there on the right.  I launched a line of print-on-demand products (aprons only, for now) on  I only make a dollar or two per purchase, but hopefully this tiny trickle of income will help offset hosting costs.  If you guys really like these aprons and want to buy enough to cover my grocery store trips, by all means, order away!

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4 comments on “Manly Men Aprons… really”

Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you! I am Beryl. I know that apron is one of the main products in your company. Our factory is specialized in all kinds of aprons. Whether you are interested in some from us ? I want to send some pictures of our products to you as reference, but the space is limited . Please contact us if you have some interests. We can produce according to your specific demand. Thanks a lot! Hoping to cooperate with you !

Best Wishes
Beryl Cheng
Hothome(Ningbo)Textiles Factory
–China, manufacturer of household textiles&holiday textiles gifts
Ad.: Dongqiao Town Industry,
Ningbo City
China, 315157
Tel.:86-574-8804 5685
Fax:86-574-8804 5675

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