Continuing Education: Food Photography
Continuing Education: Food Photography

Continuing Education: Food Photography


Today I had the pleasure of attending a food photography workshop held by local pro Lara Ferroni.  We learned about composition, lighting and natural (read: edible) food styling.  The shot above is my favorite from the day – a few morsels of sous vide sirloin finished with the blowtorch.  If you’d like to see my best shots from the day, check out my Flickr set.  And, check back next week to see what I learn at another upcoming food styling workshop.


  1. I was signed up for this workshop but had to back out due to a party I booked for today.

    I had been looking forward to it and it was on my mind all day.
    I hope it was a good workshop. Judging by the very nice photo above, I’d say it was.

    If the other food styling workshop you are attending is the same one I am, I’ll see you there.

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